Thursday, 22 March 2012

Home Remedies for Vomiting

Vomiting is an ordinary incidence and it is also known as emesis. Essentially it is due to many health conditions and illness. Due to reduction of stomach muscles, it is the powerful emission of contents in the stomach. Vomiting happens when there is an annoyance in the functioning of one’s body organization. You have to take some effective home remedies just you can avoid the vomiting.
First home remedy is you have to take a pinch of cloves with honey; it will help you to stop vomiting. If you have a movement sickness, then you should take black salt with orange. It will give you a relief from vomiting.

Next, natural remedy is smelling a lemon or drinking lemon is also extremely much useful to prevent vomiting. While travel also you can take a lemon. Throughout blood stains in the vomit, you can eat ripe banana it is very helpful.
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Onion and ginger are effective home remedies for vomiting. Onion and ginger remedy is very much useful to stop vomiting. Taking ginger juice or onion juice would assist you. 

While you vomiting, after 12 hours don’t take foods. Instead, have fills of vegetable juices, water and further non-acid drinks. Keep away from too much of oily, spicy food, serious and indigestible food, when you are pain from vomiting
While vomiting, in taking half a tsp of grounded cumin seeds, beside with water, are helpful in stopping vomiting.
home remedy for vomit
Another home remedies for vomiting, boils a cup of water and adds a tsp of cinnamon or one cinnamon attach to it. Sheer it for some time and strain the water. At the present, add a tbsp of honey, for sweetening it. Then you have to drink the decoction 2-3 times in a day. 

Next home remedies add a little honey in one glass of water and drink this glass of water. This easy remedy is also very helpful in the treatment of vomiting
home remedies for vomiting
If you are emotion sick and feel you might get vomiting, and then have one cup of ginger tea by adding very slight sugar in it. It gives the relief from the vomiting.


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