Monday, 2 April 2012

Home Remedies for Fever

Fever is an acclivity in body temperature. It's the body's careful apparatus adjoin infection. The acclivity in temperature happens back our allowed arrangement is angry off bacilli and viruses that could abuse our body. Fever is our arch weapon in the action adjoins infections or diseases. Many home remedies are there, you can try this.
home remedies for fever
While you have a high fever and headache, you can use a potato remedy; piece 1 potato and put the slices on your forehead for little minutes, get the potatoes off your forehead and rest for a few extra minutes. Potato is a wonderful home remedies for fever

First natural remedy is guava. Guava can assist you lower the fever. To get ready the remedy, you must take a fresh guava and prepare a guava juice. Drink the juice while it’s a little warm.
guava remedy for fever

Mainly natural home remedies for fever you are able to take to drink plenty of water. It not only stops the body from dehydration, other than also lowers body temperature.

Another home remedy is boil raisins and ginger in warm water. At least you can drink 50 ml.

A successful natural remedy for fever is drinking a mixture of Tulsi leaves. Just decant a cup of boiling water on a teaspoon of Tulsi leaves, allow it steep for 5 minutes and drink the mixture 3 or 4 times a day. 
home remedy
Keep away from eating hard foods since it can cause stomach upset, nausea, and vomiting. And also avoid eating fish, uncooked foods, chicken and extra fried foods.

Home remedies for fever suggests taking cold baths for release from fever. Go under water in a full bath tub for as extended as required, plow your fever reduces. 

Eat more fruits, intake juice, and milk 2 times a day. Get adequate rest and bath with warm water.
home remedies
The juice of grapefruit is a precious diet in all fevers. It quenches need for liquids and removes the burning feeling produced by the fever. Half a glass of grapefruit juice must be taken with an equivalent quantity of water.


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