Sunday, 1 April 2012

Home Remedies to Cure Easily Incurred Illness

Alternative medicines were always available in form home remedies. Home remedies, alternative medicines folk medicines recopies were used to sustain a lot of people from their illness and that why they have been passed down from one generation to the other. This treatment ensures that you heal your conditions with things like herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables which lie around your kitchen. Their simplicity, unadulterated, inexpensiveness and the delight of self curing oneself without any side effects are some the vantage point of the home remedies. Who wants to waste money on drugs for every little problem which rates high on antibiotics and steroids? 

The key utility of home remedies is that they use the chemicals that lie in herbs, fruits and spices to tackle the foreign bodies that have gained entry into your body. The natural remedies cure a number of illnesses with consistent and proper usage. It is helpful if you want to make your kid’s immune system stronger, prevent hair loss, kill acne once and for all or dandruff, treating body aches, pain or bruises. Have you ever known that a handful of almonds have equal amount of aspirin as in two tablets of aspirin? Did you ever come upon the fact that both garlic and clove oil are the best working pain eases for toothaches? Both have antibacterial components in them that kill germs and stops any pains from tooth sores.

Cough and cold is the most common of all ailments that we easily fall prey to and home remedies is the best option to treat them. In such conditions one should take hot ginger water along with two teaspoon of honey.  Apart from that you can restore to turmeric to take in vapors. Take 5 liters of water in a large bowl and add some 50 grams of turmeric to it and keep it on the gas boiling. Keep that boiled water on the floor and lean over it cover your ears , face and neck with blanket and keep on breathing that water for 5 minutes. This technique instantly frees your nozzle and keeps it away from cold, if you take it twice a day your cold will be gone totally. 

You can grow few herbs inside your home itself like chamomile, golden seal, licorice, and garlic, peppermint that will definitely serve you one purpose or the other. Home remedies are the culmination of the best form of natural self treatment.


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