Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Home Remedies for Cirrhosis of Liver

Liver is one of the most essential organs of the human body as it home remediesdoes many functions concurrently. Cirrhosis is an exacting problem occurred to liver and in this state there are important number of cells loss and liver contracts in size. As the effect of the condition, it becomes hard and rubbery. Several of the helpful home remedies for cirrhosis of liver are mention below:

Best home remedies for cirrhosis of liver are Papaya seeds. Papaya has black colored seeds and these seeds plays important role in the action of cirrhosis of liver. It is particularly beneficial for the difficulty caused by malnutrition and alcoholism. Crush some seeds and take out juice from them. Get acirrhosis of liver remedy tablespoon of that juice and mix it in 10 drops of fresh lime juice. You can have the mix once or two times a day. Continue it for entire month as it is superb home remedy for cirrhosis of liver.

Fig also establish helpful in treating cirrhosis of liver. Clean 4 leaves of sacred fig and home remedies for cirrhosiscrush them beside with some sugar candy. Take this mixture and place it in a 250 ml of eater. Eat this mixture concerning twice a day.

Cirrhosis of Liver patient must avoid all refined, process and canned foods, sugar in any form, spices and condiments, strong tea and coffee, fried foods, all preparations cooked in ghee, oil or butter and all meat rich in fat. The make use of salt should be restricted. The patient must also keep away from all chemical natural remediesadditives in food and poisons in air, water and surroundings.

Radish also treats a person suffering from cirrhosis of liver. There are two habits of taking it. Moreover a person can take it raw along with the caring stem or create a juice out of it and have it unfilled stomach every day.

Lemon water by a pinch of rock salt is also helpful. This creates it the simplest a mainly helpful home remedy for cirrhosis of liver. Tomato juice with black salt is also very good. This is a extremely beneficial home remedy for cirrhosis.


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