Friday, 11 May 2012

Home Remedies for Common Cold for Kids

Common cold and cough are the most ordinary sickness in kids. Common cold is caused owing to keen viral infection of the mucous home remedies for common coldcasings of the nose and throat, frequently involving the sinuses. Cough is usually a reaction to some irritating condition such as irritation or the attendance of mucus in the respiratory area. Cold can also happen as a disease or allergy to heavy dirt or industrial or tobacco smoke. Common cold and cough usually have an effect on a child's food intake, sleep, and energy levels. Here somecommon cold for kids effective home remedy for cold for kids  is there...

First, take a black pepper powder and sugar candy and combine in curd. Eat this mixture twice in a day, one time in the morning and once in the evening. Prepare the vegetable soup with garlic and drink previous to having food. It will give you relief from the cold.

Chicken soup is good for the common cold and will help effortlessness the symptoms and ease stuffiness. Your kids also like this remedy.

Another effective remedy for cold is coconut oil. Warm up the coconut oil, the softly massage the coconut oil in excess of the
home remedy for coldchild's chest for about 5 minutes. Do again the same on the upper part of the back. The massage must be given just previous to you put your child to sleep.

Eat several garlic cloves a day during illness. This will make your body immune system. Do not cook garlic you can cut and take it in salad since after cooking all of its necessary quality will be disappear.

home remedy for common coldAn essential point to keep in mind is to not subject the child to cool or cold conditions following the massage. Confirm fans and air conditioners are off. This easy treatment will calm the child and will remain the cough away and will also help in getting a good continuous sleep.

Natural cold remedies also take in the use of turmeric. It is most excellent to consume a hot glass of turmeric and ginger mixed in milk, previous to retiring for the night.


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