Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain is an extremely ordinary problem prevailing in about every part of this developing world. It is essentially symptom and not a disease. But has finally become a part of every bodies life particularly aged people. Joint pain may also be distinct as the inflammation or the bursa and is also recognized as bursitis. Now having several effective home remedies for joint pain.
joint pain
First you have to take bath with warm water is a best home remedy to avoid joint pains. Usual exercises are optional so as to keep the joint flexible and in good functioning.

Garlic is a very good natural remedy for joint pain. You have to eat the fresh garlic daily or roast garlic also effective remedy. Cook garlic cloves in butter and eat them, it will help in reducing the joint pains.
joint pain relief
Chapatti made of flour which is composed of roasted gram flour with clarified butter while inspired gives great relief from joint pains. 

Banana fruit has a wonderful remedy for joint pain. It helps in restoring lost nutrient in the joints thus is optional in joint pain cases.
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Next drink plenty of water, you need the hydration toward keep your joints moist and help them move easily.  Another home remedy is warm milk with one table spoon of turmeric helps in ease from all forms of body aches.

Next Oil massage on the affected part helps in relieving beginning joint pains .Next you have to apple cider vinegar has also proven it worth in relieving from joint pains. And also massaging hot vinegar on the exaggerated place at bed time is very helpful in joint pains.
 home remedies for joint pain
Another one effective home remedies for joint pain is, add half tsp of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and drink it three times in a day. This natural remedy also works well in excess of arthritis.


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