Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Home Remedies for Baby Colic

All babies cry for one cause or another. If your baby cries for almost no cause, then your baby may have colic. Colic is sometimes called the crying sickness and usually is defined as a baby that cries for other than three hours a day.
baby colic
No baby is the similar when it comes to colic. The reason of colic is unknown, except colic is associated with a fussy temperament and an immature or immature nervous system. Getting common with natural remedies while your baby is well can help you both avoid needless medications and antibiotics. 
home remedies
First home remedies are, giving the baby a hot bath can also help to ease your baby’s colic pain. Though, as this cannot be done every time, the parent can put a warm bag on the stomach or try massaging lotion instead. It will be a fine idea to cover the pack with a towel as the temperature could be too much for the baby.

Make sure all is taken care of with baby. Do the basic, put on clean, dry diapers, feed them and provide plenty of water or juice. This resolve reassures you that all is alright and helps calm the baby if something has gone on undetected.
home remedy for colic
fennel seeds are wonderful home remedy for colic.Soak one teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water all over the night. In the morning create the baby drink half a teaspoon of this water. Depending on age, you can give them fennel water up to 3 times a day.

Next home remedies for colic, you can use herbal tea. Several people don't realize that you can safely direct up to four small amount of herbal tea to baby a day, and your doctor may clear a still larger amount for your child. Several of the best herbs for colic are chamomile, ginger, catnip, and peppermint.
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Another one effective home remedies for colic, give your baby a little ginger in a bottle with juice. It gives the relief from the colic.


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